Travelling alone

Where once we travelled to work with buses, trams and trains, now, we partly as a result of massive state investment in roads coupled with the declining availability of public transport, many have little choice but to travel by car. It is not just that this means we stop talking to each other, but that when we drive, society becomes an obstacle, Pedestrians, bicycles, traffic calming, speed limits, the law; all become nuisance to be wished away. The more we drive, the more bloody-minded and individualistic we become.

Two similar situations; first situation – a car breaks down in front of you you’re in a bus, second situation – a car breaks down in front of you you’re alone in your car. In both situations you’ll get frustrated but in the bus you’ll know that you are not alone, it’s not just your ‘bad luck’.

What other modern everyday rituals helps with our disenfranchisement with our society? This is part of a chapter called ‘Alienation’ which also highlights the use of virtual fantasies to hide from reality, which in my opinion includes popular social media.

Steve Cortis
09 June 2018